Semarang Multinational School’s Students Snatched Many Medals

  • The World’s Scholar’s Cup 2017

semarang multinational school in suara merdeka

SEMARANG – Five Semarang Multinational School ’s students won 3 gold and 12 silver medals in World Scholar’s Cup held in Jakarta, last week. As the only international school representatives from Semarang, they competed alongside 600ish students from the other Indonesian schools in the tournament.

According to the coach of the team, Cheryl Parker, she expected her students to perform well in this tournament that has been held ten times in Indonesia. It turned out that her students did perform very well, winning medals and also qualifing to be among the 18 best teams.

“Their spirit and resilience was top notch! They performed confidently and succeeded every test they took,’ she added in an interview at Semarang Multinational School, Jl Jangli Raya 37 Semarang, Monday (15/5).

The five students are Christina Putrinusa Budianto (11), Oscar Leonard Schnitzeler (11), Matteo Firenze Wasito (11), Kim Jong Yoon (13), and James Joseph Widjajanto (11). They competed in several phases of English Debate. Also in the tournament, the students had to compete in a series of competitions, like quizzes (cerdas cermat), writing, and English speech.

Semarang Multinational School - Scholar's cup delegates 2017

Semarang Multinational School – Scholar’s cup delegates 2017

Material Mastering

“The debate materials were about culture and general knowledge. The students won the tournament because they mastered the materials, especially in writing. Their writing abilities are above average because they are used to the challenge and get good scores in International School Assessment (ISA) test standardized globally,” Parker explained.

“Because of this achievement,” she added, “Semarang Multinational School’s teams are qualified to compete in the global round of World Scholar’s Cup that will be held next July in Athens, Greece. According to Parker, this achievement is really spectacular not only for the school, but also for Semarang and on a national scale. “Therefore, the students will keep on practicing intensively,” said Parker. (G2-63)

Translated from the News Article in Suara Merdeka (15/5).

Article written in Bahasa by Arie Widiarto, Suara Merdeka News Reporter.

Translated by AdamIsmail.

Proof readed by Justine Hitchcock.