Teachers & Staff

As international school in Semarang, our teaching staff consists of two teachers in each classroom environment. All primary classrooms have a fully qualified, native English expatriate class teacher with a wide variety of experience and skills to help them succeed in an international environment.  University-qualified local teachers work closely with the class teachers to support the learning program offered.

We are also lucky to be supported by wonderful specialist teachers and an incredible and enthusiastic office staff.


Desi Kusmanto

Early Years 1 Teacher

Ms. Desi holds a Bachelor degree in English from Diponegoro University Semarang. She has 10 years teaching experiences in 2 difference International School. She started her Early Childhood teaching career in 2009 as a local teacher in International School in Jakarta. This is her 8th year at SMS and focusing on Early Years Department. She loves teaching in Early Years Class. For her, Early Childhood is very important phase, where young children emotional, social and physical development has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become. That is why understanding the need to invest in very young children is so important, so as to maximize their future well-being. That is also why she expands her knowledge by taking Early Childhood Education Master Degree in Semarang State University.


Email: desi@semarangis.or.id

Elian Hasyyati

Early Years 2 Teacher

Ms Eli hold a Bachelor degree in Japanese language education. She has been teaching in SMS for 3 years. She start as a replacement teacher for maternity leave and this year she is part of the team in EY 2 teacher. Ms Eli like to see the children smile with giving them a lot stickers and she enjoying shopping.


Email: ellian@semarangis.or.id

Kanchan Rajwani

Early Years 2 Teacher

Kanchan has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Diploma in Education. She is passionate about teaching and has been in the education field from the past 10 years. She started her teaching career in India as a Montessori Lead Teacher. Prior to joining SMS, she worked in Jakarta in an IB school as a PYP Lead teacher for 5 years. Ms. Kanchan believes that for a successful kindergarten experience it is of vital importance to build a bond with the students and their families based on mutual trust and respect. She is passionate about travelling, experiencing different cultures and cuisines.


Email: kanchan@semarangis.or.id

Febrina Tresnawati

Early Years 2 Teacher

Ms. Febrina holds a bachelor degree in Psychology specializing in clinical psychology at Semarang State University. She started her teaching career for four years as a teacher assistant at Sekolah Luar Biasa Negeri Semarang. This is her fourth year at SMS, for the three years she was a shadow teacher. She is now a part of Early Years 2 team. Ms Febrina has a passion to work and learn together with children even in formal education or based on community. She enjoys food travelling, spending time for reading and with her family. She belongs to the Scheduling Team.


Email: febri@semarangis.or.id

Tazivei Makwavarara

Reception & Year 1 Teacher

I hold a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Texas in Tyler, and a Masters in Education from Concordia University, Portland. I have been teaching for over 10 years, within IB, Cambridge and an IPC School in China, Africa and now Indonesia. This is my second year at SMS, I will be the lead teacher of a composite Reception/Grade 1 class. As an educator it is my hope to inspire and share my passion and appreciation for the arts and lifelong learning, with my students.


Email: tazi@semarangis.or.id

Meta Nur Utaminingsih


Ms. Meta Nur holds a Bachelor degree in English Education from Semarang State University. She started her teaching career as a private teacher for Junior and Senior high school students and also for Bidik Misi Students of Semarang State University. She has been teaching in SMS for almost three years as ESL teacher and Bahasa for grade 5-6. Ms Meta has a passion for educating children since she had only taught junior and high school students. Ms. Meta enjoys travelling, culinary, studying Korean language and mostly spends her spare time writing on her blog. She is the one of the teacher who responsible for National Examination


Email: meta@semarangis.or.id

Rachmawati Hidayah

Year 2 Class Teacher

Ms. Rachma holds a Bachelor degree in English Education from UNNES. She has been teaching for 5 years. She started her teaching career as a Pre-school teacher in SMS.This is her fifth year at SMS, teaching Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian Studies for Grade 1. Ms Rachma has a passion for children education, she believes that each child brings a unique quality to the classroom She also enjoys travelling and watching movies. She is one of the teacher who responsible for School Year Book.

Paula Al Amudi

Year 3 Class Teacher

Ms Paula is currently teaching Grade three at SMS. She holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Auckland and a Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from UniTech, both in New Zealand. Ms Paula taught in Jakarta for around six years before moving to Semarang. She has been with the school now for almost two years. Ms Paula loves day hiking, gardening, reading and art. She has been known to join her children on the trampolines to practice her flips and will embarrass them by talking to random strangers.


Email: paula@semarangis.or.id


Year 3 Class Teacher

Ms. Sari graduated from the Semarang State University with a degree in English Education. She has been teaching for 5 years. She began her career in education as a tutor in Edubright English Course. This is her fifth year at SMS, teaching as a local teacher in Grade 3. She got a professional development by joining IPC Summer School in her first year teaching in SMS. She is grateful to work with students who continue to inspire her each day. In her free time, she loves cycling, travelling and reading. She belongs to the Scheduling Team.

Lauren Carter


Ms Lauren holds a Bachelor Degree in Junior Primary / Primary Education from Flinders University in Australia. She has been teaching for ten years. She has taught in primary schools in Australia and in an International School in Bali. This is her third year at SMS, for the first two years she was teaching in Grades 5 and 6 as well as Music throughout the school. She is now the lead teacher of Grade 4. She has a passion for literature and the arts and enjoys being outside, spending time with her young family and cooking.


Email: lauren@semarangis.or.id

Indah Darianawati


Ms. Indah holds a Bachelor degree in English Education from Satya Wacana Christian University and is currently taking Bachelor degree in Primary Education. During her college life she experienced teaching English as a second language to the first year college students in English Department of Satya Wacana. She was certified as level 1 BIPA (Indonesian Language for Foreigner) teacher in 2016. This is her seventh year at SMS, teaching Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian Studies in Grade 4. Ms Indah believes that teaching is part of learning and enjoys the process of exploring new knowledge and different cultures.


Email: indah@semarangis.or.id

Nur Hidayah


Her full name is Nur Hidayah, but everybody calls her Miss Yaya. Miss Yaya graduated from Semarang State University (UNNES) majoring in English for Education. She experienced teaching English across various levels. She joined Semarang Multinational School in September 2014. After two years working as our ESOL teacher, she becomes one of our classroom teachers. She is now working together with Mr. Jason in Grade 5 & 6. Being a teacher allows Ms Yaya to learn countless new things and experience various challenges. She believes that each student is unique and interesting, and that each has their special way of learning and growing. “Never lose faith in them”, she says!


Email: hidayah@semarangis.or.id

Jason Rayner


Jason has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching in Primary Education. He has been teaching for eleven and a half years. Jason started his teaching career teaching Year 7 and 8 students at Tokomairiro High School in New Zealand (equivalent to Grades 6 and 7). Jason was Head of the Music Department for eight years at the same school, and, for the last three years he was the lead teacher for the Accelerated Learning in Literacy” programme. This programme aims to catch up students who are not at their expected level in literacy. This is Jason’s first year teaching at SMS, where he is teaching Grade 5/6. Jason has a love of arts; he enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano) and creating his own art (pencil drawing, digital painting, and photography). Jason also enjoys sport, walking his dog, and loves travelling.


Email: jason@semarangis.or.id

Giovani Widyanti Asriningtyas

Humanities, Business Studies and Economics Teacher

Ms. Asri is the Humanities and Business Studies teacher for SMS High School. She has Bachelor and Master Degrees both in Management from Diponegoro University, Semarang. She has just recently been awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) for secondary teaching Key Stage 3 & 4 from Sunderland University, UK. Ms. Asri has taught English for students with a wide range of age with various levels and school backgrounds since 2016. She also began to tutor Cambridge History and Geography for lower secondary level students and IGCSE Business Studies and Economics for upper secondary level students at an informal education institution in Semarang in mid 2016. Ms. Asri is so passionate in teaching as she always makes sure that everything is prepared before the class start and for the children to enjoy the class as much as she does.


Email: asri@semarangis.or.id

Nur Fithriani

Science Teacher

My name is Fithri, I am teaching Science for high school at SMS. I hold a Bachelor Degree in agriculture from Sebelas Maret University. I have been teaching for thirteen years and I have taught Mathematics and Science in high school in an International School in Batam island. This is my first year at SMS and I really enjoy working with SMS team. I have a passion for teaching and enjoys being outside, enjoys sport and loves camping.


Email: fithri@semarangis.or.id

Adam Ismail

Bahasa Indonesia Teacher for Secondary Years

Mr Adam has been working is SMS for more than four years. He has a bachelor degree in English Education from Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) and worked as a private English teacher and translator prior to working here. This year, he teaches Bahasa and Indonesian Studies for High School, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), and becomes a homeroom teacher for our Senior Program. He is happy to be a part of the school and enthusiastic on teaching both Bahasa Indonesia and English.


Email: adam@semarangis.or.id

Liya Susanti

High School Mathematics Teacher

Ms Liya holds a Master of Education in Educational Studies from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia. She completed her Bachelor Degree in Mathematics Education at Universitas Negeri Surabaya. She has completed her practice teaching at AEC College, Singapore, and SMAN 2 Kediri as part of her study in Bachelor Degree. She has taught Mathematics at Sekolah Ciputra International Baccalaureate(IB) School in Surabaya for two years and been coached the World Scholar’s Cup since 2014. She has tutored students in Year 11 and Year 12 for Mathematics Extension 2 to prepare their High School Certificate (HSC) exam in Sydney, Australia. She is currently teaching Mathematics for Cambridge Lower Secondary and IGCSE program, STEAM for grade 5 and 6, and coaching the World Scholar’s Cup. She is also the award leader of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award. She has a passion for mathematically gifted education and enjoys doing some sports and travelling.


Email: liya@semarangis.or.id

Betty Caraen

Indonesian Principal

Ms. Betty, a mother of a daughter named Grace, comes from Manado, North Sulawesi. She earned a Master degree from Semarang State University (Universitas Negeri Semarang) with a specialization in Elementary Education (PGSD). Her career at Semarang Multinational School began in 16th of April 1996. In June 2004, she was appointed to be a Senior Local Teacher, in 2014 she became a Primary Senior Teacher and National Curriculum Coordinator, and start from this year she assigned to be the Indonesian Principal. She has been teaching various subjects in various classes such as mathematics, literacy studies, genius hour, ESL, science, social studies in addition to Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian Studies. In June 2011, Betty was invited to attend the Teacher Exchange Program at Macaulay Primary School in the United Kingdom. It was very valuable experience for her. She learned a lot of things there especially the way Macaulay Primary School implements the International Primary Curriculum. In her twenty-one years of teaching, Betty believes the best things about working at Semarang International School are the students, the professional and supportive staff, and the great community atmosphere that comes from being a small school. It is lovely to see many age groups learning and playing together. It is certainly an excellent place for children to develop an appreciation of different cultures and positives social skills. She loves reading, writing and singing. She also enjoys trying new and adventurous recipes on her family; although she can’t tell that they are as fond as her culinary experiments as she is. One thing her family and her friends said, she is good at cooking Manadonese foods. She is looking forward to more enjoyable and challenging years at Semarang International School.


Email: betty@semarangis.or.id

Nicky Avianti

Mandarin Teacher

Her name is Miss Nicky. She graduated from UNIKA Soegijapranoto for her bachelor degree and Diponegoro University for her master degree in Economics. Miss Nicky really loves to go to school and enjoy to teach. She’s ever taught Mandarin in YSKI senior high school and junior high school from 2014-2016. After that, Miss Nicky continue to teach Mandarin in SMS from primary-junior high school. Beside Mandarin, she also teach Christianity from grade 5, 6, and junior high school. Miss Nicky loves to watch movie and read books.


Email: nicky@semarangis.or.id

Indah Khikmatus Shofa

PE teacher

Ms Iin (it is how students call her) has a bachelor degree in Physical Education. She also holds 1st DAN KUKKIWON of Taekwondo (International Black Belt). She has been teaching for two years as a PE Teacher and 5 years as a Taekwondo trainer in a private club. As a new addition of SMS teachers team as a PE teacher from April 2019, she teaches PE for all grade. She is passionate about cycling, and baking cookies is her favourite routine in her free time.


Email: physical@semarangis.or.id


Titien Setyorini

General Administrator

Ms Titien joined Semarang Multinational School in 2012. She completed her studies in Aquatic Resources Management – Fisheries Faculty from Institut Pertanian Bogor in 2000. She found her passion in SMS since she handled General Admin. She is very happy be part of Semarang Multinational School because she loves working with children and meeting so many amazing people.

Lynda Ardelia Brilliana

PR & Marketing Officer

Ms. Lynda comes from Semarang and she graduated from Politeknik Negeri Semarang in 2015, and holds a Bachelor Degree in Computerized Accounting. She joined Semarang Multinational School in 2017 as the Public Relations and Marketing Officer. She was really interested in working at SMS right from the first time she came to the school. She likes to work with children and she feels that SMS is her second home, where all of the teachers, staff, parents and students are like family. She is passionate about graphic design and building relationships with everyone inside and outside of SMS. Her hobbies include singing, playing piano, travelling and photography. She is an open person who is willing to share about herself with anyone.

Atiek Solechah

Finance Officer

Ms. Atiek, graduated from Stikubank University majoring in computer technology. She joined Semarang Multinational School as a finance staff at the beginning of October 2014, and is happy to be part of the school and meeting lovely children.


Email: finance@semarangis.or.id

Fransisca Nur Widhi Krisanti

Parent liaison officer

Ms Sisca holds Bachelor degree in Psychology from Soegijapranata Catholic University. She has been working for SMS since 2008 as an Early Years teacher. It has been a life changing experience for her to work with students at their golden age. They have given her the greatest lesson in life to be patient and to be resilient. After 10 years of teaching she found a new passion in building relationships with parents. It excites her to meet with new people and find out about their interests and hopes for their child. It is a great honor for her to help parents to meet their needs and find the best school for their child.


Email: plo@semarangis.or.id