SMS Cup 2017 – Futsal Championship

SMS cup Semarang Multinational School Cup 2017At the start of term 4, 19 students of SMS started the ECA futsal. They could practice twice a week with their team and an external futsal coach, so they could shine on the top field during the SMS Cup. SMS joined with two teams (boys and girls mixed): SMS White and SMS Green.

Six teams from the local community joined the tournament as well, so two pools of four teams were made.

It was so nice to see that our students improved their futsal skills and that they were having fun playing with and against local children.

Blue cards were introduced to the tournament. A team could earn a blue card if they showed sportive behavior, like watching the matches of other teams or help someone from the other team up when he or she fell down. The students of SMS were very enthusiastic about the tournament and about earning blue cards. For every blue card a team earned, the team got an extra vote for the award for the most sportive team.

Both teams of SMS did not make it to the finals, but they did an awesome job, had a lot of fun and we are very proud of them!

The final matches were played at Monday May 22th. The children could also see a bit of the local culture by enjoying a show of a local dance. After the final match it was time to vote for the most sportive team. All teams and all referees had one vote and all the blue cards were counted as well.

While we counted the votes, the children could enjoy the potluck that was waiting for them and then it was finally time for the award ceremony!

SMS White received the most sportive team in SMS Cup 2017

Semarang Multinational School Cup 2017

There were awards and prize money for the 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, the top scorer, the best player and the most sportive team. With a well deserved loud applause, SMS White received the award and prize money for the most sportive team! They were so proud and happy and could not stop smiling while the picture of all teams together was taken.

A big thanks from us to all the students of SMS White, SMS Green and other students who came to support our teams, to the supporting parents and to the teachers and staff of SMS who helped us with supervise the supporters, preparing the field before each match, taking pictures and supporting the SMS teams! We could not have done this without you!