The importance of quality teachers is no secret. Teachers play a vital role in children’s development, both emotionally and intellectually. Day in and day out, teachers are at school before the students arrive and often long after they go home. A passionate teacher has education running in the back of his/her mind most of the day, always searching for new and exciting ways to create excitement for learning and growing. The teachers of Semarang Multinational School are nothing but exceptional, and SMS has the test results to prove that the students are exceptional too. Following the Cambridge International Curriculum, all students are directed and guided to the highest standard of Mathematics, English and Science education. But parents still need to know how their children’s education compares worldwide.

Semarang Multinational School


Cheryl Parker is the newest teacher at Semarang Multinational School

Cheryl Parker, the newest teacher at SMS explains, “Often parents worry about how their children’s education compares to education outside of Indonesia.”

Parker has noticed how well the commitment to education at SMS has touched the students’ lives. Originally from the United Kingdom, Parker moved to Indonesia 12 years ago, living in both Jakarta and Sumatra. In July, 2016, her husband, young son and she decided to make Semarang their new home. At SMS, she teaches Science and Maths across grades 5, 6, 7 and 8.

“Cambridge developed the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) to help schools worldwide gauge the level of their students,” Parker said. “The checkpoint tests can put at ease any worry that their students are lagging behind.”

The CIE is offered every three years, to assess the students’ development and identify strengths and weaknesses within subject areas. Last year, Class 6 SMS students participated in the CIE, and surpassed the worldwide average. On a scale from 0-6, Class 6 received a 4.6 in Maths and a 4.9 in English.

“Our students excelled because they worked hard and also had the support of their parents, friends and the close knit SMS family.”, Parker explained.

Parker continued, “In the larger schools that I worked with in the past, I really didn’t know my students. But at SMS, the small classes allow me to know my students personally, so I can give immediate feedback and individual attention.”

Parker was formally trained at Bath Spa, a European University, and has a Post Graduate Certificate of Education. Before joining the SMS team, she was familiar with the Cambridge curriculum and tests.

“At SMS, the students aren’t stressed out by the CIE test because the results are not pass/fail,” Parker added. “Instead the test allows us to gauge the students’ levels to compare them internationally.”

Parker also has added additional checks throughout the year to her students’ curriculum, to make sure they stay on level with schools around the globe.

“With the small classes, if the students are struggling on a particular lesson, I am able to slow down and focus on the difficult topic,” she said. “That makes test time even less intimidating because the students have received focused attention on tough subjects.”

Besides teaching, Parker’s passions include her family and endurance sports. She plans on competing in her first Half Ironman in 2017. Ultimately her dream is to complete one or two full Ironman competitions, and enjoys training in the nature of Semarang.


“I like Semarang because it feels like home,” Parker explained with a smile. “In Semarang everyone is connected to everyone. Plus there is no traffic, compared to Jakarta.”

The vision of Semarang Multinational School, that every student will be inspired to learn and empowered to excel, is a realization for students in the classroom every day. Thanks to the community, family support and passionate teachers like Cheryl Parker, the students of SMS have the knowledge and confidence to excel in international studies and the Cambridge International Examinations.

Semarang Multinational School

Located on Jalan Jangli Raya 37, Candisari, Semarang 50254