Management & Board


Semarang Multinational School is a community-run international school in Semarang. The school is cooperatively managed by a non-profit foundation, a school board and the principal.

Semarang Multinational School is presided over by an elected Board of Governors. The board is elected by foundation members who are fee paying parents/guardians of students at Semarang Multinational School.

The Board determines overall policy and strategy for the school as defined in its formal constitutional document.

The Board

The foundation elects the School Board. The Board consists of 7 members, one of whom must be an Indonesian citizen. The elected terms are for two years.

Any foundation member is eligible to nominate for election to the Board. Serving on the Board takes a commitment of time and experience that can make a lasting impression on the school.

The Board’s primary responsibilities include hiring the Principal, setting and implementing budgets and school policy.
The Board is always open to suggestions and welcomes thoughts and ideas from the foundation; feel free to contact board members. Contact details for the current members can be obtained from the school office.