SMS scholars on the World Scholars’ Cup ‘Tournament of Champions’

SMS scholars leave next week to travel to Yale University in the USA for the World Scholars’ Cup ‘Tournament of Champions’.

To qualify for this prestigious event, our scholars have had to win at the Regional Round in Semarang, and the Global Round in Sydney. Out of many thousands of competitors, SMS students join a select few for the final championship.

The World Scholars’ Cup (WSC) is an event where students compete against each other in teams of three. There are four areas of competition: Scholar’s Bowl, Collaborative writing, Team Debate, and Scholar’s Challenge. Read more information about the WSC here at their website (

This is the second year in a row that SMS scholars have made it through to the Tournament of Champions. Last year’s scholars returned with gold medals, and hopefully this year’s team can do the same!

(Oct 2019)