Virgiawan Listanto

Semarang Multinational School teacher

Year 7 & 8 Class Teacher

Virgiawan, or Mr. Egi, as everyone calls him, comes from Purworejo Regency, Central Java, not too far from Semarang. He was chosen as a teacher by Semarang Multinational School because of his dynamic and engaging style of teaching. This humble teacher graduated from Semarang State University, majoring in English Education in his bachelor degree. Because of his desire and passion in teaching and his curiosity in learning, he received a Beasiswa Unggulan scholarship to finish his Masters Degree at Diponegoro University and Universiti Putra Malaysia, as a double degree, majoring in Educational Administration. While completing his masters degree, he gained teaching experience in a bilingual elementary school in Semarang for about one and a half years. He left Indonesia to finish his double degree in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for about a year. Now, he is back in Semarang, with the great opportunity to join Semarang Multinational School. “It is such an interesting, amazing and great school I can be involved in. Having so many friendly and helpful teachers, staff, and students here is so wonderful”, he said with a smile.

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