Marea Rudolph

Semarang Multinational School

Marea is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher who graduated in 2009 from the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Prior to coming to Semarang Marea held the position of head teacher of the preschool class for a privately owned early childhood centre in New Zealand. In addition to this qualification Marea has a Bachelor of Social Sciences’ majoring in psychology of which she obtained in 2004 from the same University. Marea has taught in the Early Years department of Semarang Multinational School since 2011. She resides here with her family. Marea is passionate about early childhood education and believes that these years are the most important years of any child’s life and the learning moments the child experiences at this stage really do pave a path for their future learning and development. For her the true rewards of this profession are watching the excitement a child experiences when they achieve a milestone or learn something new. She is fortunate to have witnessed this first-hand with the raising of her own children. Marea is a great believer in building responsive and reciprocal relationships with children, and their families as this paves a strong foundation for an encouraging learning environment where a child feels secure, supported and respected. Marea has an ‘open-door’ policy and is looking forward to working with you and your children in the new school year.

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