Imam Santosa

Semarang Multinational School staff


Imam Santosa is from Purbalingga and went to Stikubank University, Semarang to gain knowledge in Marketing Management Studies. In 2007, Imam began his Semarang Multinational School journey in the role of high school supervisor. Two years later, he was assigned the position of Events Organiser where he brought a unique and energetic flare to the role. In 2010, Imam found his true passion in the role of PR Marketing Officer. Because Imam has such a passion for this school and its community it is like second nature for him to promote and speak about the great work here at this school. He is the most dedicated, organized perfectionist and he loves this school. In his own words this really is “the best school in the world”. Imam Santosa enjoys travelling, reading novels, running and doing volunteer activities during his free time.

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