Cheryl Parker

Secondary Years Teacher

Ms Cheryl holds a BSc (Hons) in Sport Science degree from the University of Leeds and Postgraduate Certificate in Education specialising in Secondary Education from Bath Spa University. Prior to joining us, she was the Head of Science at a large International School in Jakarta. She has also taught in the UK and in other cities in Indonesia. Miss Cheryl is passionate about teaching Science and Maths at the school, and also likes to lead other activities at the school to further develop student’s skills and provide new and challenging experiences for them (such as the Worlds Scholars Cup). This year Miss Cheryl is Outdoor Educatioon Coordinator (including the Award Coordinator for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award program). She hopes to instil a passion for the outdoors and a desire to grow a person through developing their skills and doing service in the community. Outside of school you are most likely to bump into Cheryl doing sports, either running on the trails or the road, hiking with her son on her back, or out and about cycling.



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