SMS teacher

Theresia Irene

Irene graduated from Satya Wacana Christian University with a major in Psychology. With her passion for education she decided to leave her job as an officer, and joined Semarang Multinational School as a Shadow Teacher. She loves to read children’s books, especially Le Petit Prince, because it shows the different perspectives of children and grown-ups. From that book she learned that children are unique and special.  She understands that students spend most of their time at school, and that teachers are an important part of  children’s development. She wants to be an inspiring teacher for her students and she hopes her students will be wonderful adults in the future.

Semarang Multinational School teacher

Indah Darianawati

Ms Indah graduated from Satya Wacana Christian University Faculty of Language and Literature with a major in English Education, and now teaches as a local teacher in our Sumatera class. During her college life she began teaching English as a second language to first year college students in theEnglish Department of SatyaWacana and then became an interpreter for foreign teachers. Indah believes that teaching is part of learning and enjoys the process of exploring new knowledge and different cultures.She thinks that teaching children is a challenge and she is excited to make a contribution to Semarang International School.

Semarang Multinational School teacher

Lauren Carter

Lauren graduated from Flinders University in South Australia with a Bachelor of Education (Junior Primary/Primary) and a Diploma of Languages. Since graduating Lauren has taught a variety of grades in Primary in both Australia and Indonesia. Her passion for teaching and travelling lead to her decision to join Semarang Multinational School. Lauren believes that the classroom should be a safe space where students can explore, learn and discover their unique talents, with specifically designed task to allow for all students to be successful and to feel proud of their own achievements. She has a love of learning, the arts especially music, and the outdoors.