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Lynda Ardelia Brilliana

Lynda Ardelia Brilliana comes from Semarang and she graduated from Politeknik Negeri Semarang in 2015, majoring in Computerized Accounting Study. She joins Semarang Multinational School in 2017 as a PR & Marketing Officer. She was very interested to work at SMS just from the first time she came to the school, because she likes to deal with children and loves to work in an international institution. Her hobbies are singingplaying piano, travellingphotography, and also making friends. She is very welcoming to anyone who wants to know more about her

Semarang Multinational School staff

Anita Triyuniarti

Hi, my name is Anita. I am the accounting and tax officer. This is my job specification:
1. Handle the school budget
2. Handle tax issues for school and for teachers and staff
3. Handle school fees
4. Handle textbook orders
5. One of school nurses
Thank you

Semarang Multinational School staff

Atik Solechah

Ms. Atik, graduated from Stikubank University majoring in computer technology. She joined Semarang Multinational School as a finance staff at the beginning of October 2014, and is happy to be part of the school and meeting lovely children.