Scholarship FAQ

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What is the scholarship application process?

Applicants first need to submit a completed application form, requested documents and a 300-500 word essay on a given topic. From these applications a shortlisted group of candidates will be invited to sit a scholarship examination (in English literacy and numeracy) and participate in a group interview. The examination will take approximately two hours and will take place at Semarang Multinational School campus, Candisari – Semarang.

The top 10-15 scoring candidates will then be invited to attend a group activity and interview. Invitation notification will be sent via email. The interview and group activity will test the candidates’ oral English, social interaction and problem-solving skills.

When will classes actually start?

Scholarship recipients will be enrolled in our Grade 9 2017-18 class, due to start in early/mid August 2017.

What documents do I need to submit?

Documents for application include:

  1. School Report / Academic record for the past two years
  2. Completed application form
  3. Certified copy of passport and birth certificate
  4. One passport sized photograph of the applicant
  5. 300-500 word essay in English

Successful scholarship recipients will also be required to submit our full range of enrolment documents.

What costs do I need to pay?

There is no cost for application.

Scholarships do not cover uniform costs, exams and resources fee, the cost of camps, and any additional extra-curricular activities not covered by the standard extra activities fee.  This may amount to approximately IDR 3.000.000 – IDR 3.500.000

Semarang Multinational School students are also expected to bring their own laptop to school for daily use.

My child is Grade 7, can he apply?

No, all applicants must be in Grade 8 (or equivalent) at the time of application.

My family is currently located outside of Semarang.  We will not relocate to Semarang until mid 2017.  Can my daughter apply?

Yes, she can apply, but will need to sit the test under test conditions. She will also need to be available either in person or via Skype.  All scholarship recipients need to be securely resident in Semarang when school begins in early August 2017.

Can the test be taken online or in other cities outside of Semarang?

If applicants cannot attend the test at Semarang Multinational School they may take the test off-site, verified by an approved invigilator.  Semarang Multinational School will provide an application form for potential invigilators if requested by scholarship applicants.  Further information will be contained in the testing invitation email.

Does the essay need to be typed or handwritten?

It can be either typed or handwritten.

Can I receive the cash amount instead of the scholarship?

No, the scholarship is not exchangeable or transferable.  It applies only to the selected candidate and does not include any cash payment.

May I submit the essay in Indonesian?

No, essays must be submitted in English.

If awarded the scholarship, is there any penalty if my child exits before completing Grade 10?


Is there any minimum grade required to maintain the scholarship?

A high level of academic performance and behaviour will be expected in order to continue within the scholarship programme.  Students at danger of not meeting this expectation will be requested to discuss their continuance on the programme with the school Principal and their parents.  The school withholds the right to withdraw enrollment if at any time the student’s behaviour or academic performance does not meet expectation.

Does SMS provide boarding?

No, SMS does not have boarding facilities.

Will transport be provided?

No, transport is not part of this scholarship programme.