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Here you will find some necessary informations about our admission policies, procedures, school fees, and more. Please click “How to Apply” to find information about free trial registration and online application.

The Admission information is also open for families who live in Semarang at anytime from Monday to Friday at 8am to 4pm WIB (GMT +7) in Semarang Multinational School. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email for school visit. We also open for school visit for you if you are visitng from overseas.

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Admission Officer

TEL     : +62 4831 1424




Students being admitted to Semarang Multinational School will normally be placed in the appropriate grade for their age. The age requirements are as follows:


Early Years

Toddler                      – 18 months

Preschool                   – 3 years old

Kindergarten             – 4 years old


Primary Programme

Reception Class         – 5 years old

Grade 1                      – 6 years old

Grade 2                      – 7 years old

Grade 3                      – 8 years old

Grade 4                      – 9 years old

Grade 5                      – 10 years old

Grade 6                      – 11 years old


Secondary Programme

Grade 7                      – 12 years old

Grade 8                      – 13 years old

Grade 9                      – 14 years old


Students are placed according to both their developmental stage and their chronological age, along with any  previous school experience with consideration given to the SMS curriculum, standards, and expectations, as well as performance on any test the Administration may wish to administer. The School recognizes that there may be differences in opinion of parents or students regarding grade placement as a result of a transfer from a different educational system, different program of studies, or a system based on a different calendar year. However, Semarang Multinational School reserves the right to make all final determinations regarding grade placement.

In some cases, after a period of observation following an initial placement, school authorities may recommend a change in grade placement. Parents will be notified of this recommendation and the reasons for it will be thoroughly discussed with them. As in the case of an initial placement, however, the school reserves the right to change a placement if it feels it is warranted.



Our school fee consist of:

  1. Registration Fee (one-time payment)
  2. School Development Fee (paid annually)
  3. Extra Activities Fee (paid annually) – covering extracurricular activities, excursions, and physical education
  4. Textbook and Online Resources Fee (paid annually, for Kindergarten and above only) – covering books, stationary, learning software
  5. School Fee – could be paid per year, semester, or term